How We Serve

Our concept of serving an all-you-can-eat rijsttafel buffet is unique and the only one of its kind in Singapore. There is no need to order. We serve a complete set of all the dishes in our lunch or dinner buffets in tasting portions. In no time at all, your very own buffet spread is laid out before you on the table warmers. Our way of serving is fuss free and takes away the hassle of a la carte ordering, with all its hits and misses.


The portion of each dish is customised according to the number of diners at the table. For two diners, two portions in each dish will be served, for three diners, three portions and so on. For bigger groups, we serve repeat sets of the spread. So a group of 10 diners will have two complete sets of the buffet, each set tailoring to 5 diners.


In this way, customers get a quick sampling of all the dishes and they can decide to order again those dishes they fancy more of.


For entertaining groups, The Rice Table is ideal since we can serve a large group of diners very quickly and our wide array of delectable dishes ensures there’s something for everyone. Our buffet spread offers beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, tofu and satay in an explosion of different flavours ranging from sweet, sour, salty to spicy. There is no need to queue or jostle at buffet lines. The buffet comes to you!